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Melodies of lifestream

Ramon van Engelenhoven plays Final Fantasy VII


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Opplev en spillkonsert av de sjeldne 7. oktober: Ramon van Engelenhoven spiller Final Fantasy VII-musikken på flygel i Lille sal.

Final Fantasy VII er et konsollrollespill utviklet og utgitt i 1997. Det er det sjuende spillet i Final Fantasy-serien, og er det første spillet i serien som ble gitt ut til Sonys spillkonsoll PlayStation og Microsofts Windows-baserte datamaskiner. Det er også det første Final Fantasy-spillet med 3D-grafikk.


One of the greatest games of all time, Final Fantasy VII, was released 20 years ago to worldwide success. Universally loved and critically acclaimed, it has touched upon the lives of many on our planet.  

One of the greatest composers of our time, Nobuo Uematsu, created a deep and memorable soundtrack that never got its own concert outside of Japan – until now.  

Melodies of Lifestream is a concert fully dedicated to Final Fantasy VII. The game’s melodies and story are brought forth by Ramon van Engelenhoven, an award-winning classical pianist who also loves game music. This rare combination of professional skill and passion makes for a unique and unforgettable experience.  

The program consist partly of existing arrangements by Shiro Hamaguchi and Hiroyuki Nakamura – and partly of new arrangements by Ramon van Engelenhoven himself, which received standing ovations from a huge audience last year in Helsinki. For the Oslo performance, van Engelenhoven will prepare even more new arrangements.



Program: Music from Final Fantasy VII

Piano: Ramon van Engelenhoven

Production: VGM Tiger Productions



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