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Welcome to TEDxOslo 2018 – Now Playing:

OBS! Nytt tidspunkt: 12:00 - 18:00

In search for understanding and knowledge we reach higher and dig deeper. Too high and too deep for most of us to understand. The experts, in their bubble of knowledge, are throwing new findings and insights at us in a fierce tempo. The result is that we almost daily, have to reset our thoughts about what’s coming, how the future will turn out, and what the next day will look like.

In order to make good decisions on behalf of ourselves, the people around us and for the society as a whole, we need an overview of what’s happening in the world. A source of insight and knowledge that everyone can tap into. We need to know what’s "playing" in the world, right now, at this moment. That is why sharing ideas is important. That is why we are organizing TEDxOslo.