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Main hall

Seats 1,404

Seats: Main Hall-1404, Small Hall-266

Mr. Jan Olsen Skare
- Mobil 1:41534617
- Mobil 2:90162803
BOOKING CONTACT: Ms. Silja Sakrisvold Borse, Phone: 41534610.
MARKETING MANAGER: Ms. Kristin Sundt Phone:41534612
STAGE-MANAGERS: Mr. Petter Åser Sandvig, Phone:41534619
Mr. Steven Alexander, Phone:41534620
LIGHT-ENGINEER: Mr. Eivind Hermann, Mobil. 95282586,
SOUND-ENGINEER: Mr. Aleksander Stensen, Mobil. 98673787.
TECHNICAL MANAGER, SMALL HALL: Mr. Bernd Starheim, ext.Phone:41534618

STAGE MAIN HALL: 22m wide at the downstage edge, 13m wide at the upstage edge, 13m deep, 12m height.
FLYING: 6 points for lights, 2 points for P.A., 1000 kg. each. For curtains, see attached plot.
MIXER POSITION: Approx. 30m from stage on both sides.
FOLLOWSPOT POSITION: In lighting control room, approx. 35m from stage.
POWER AVAILABLE: Lights 150A/380v three phase, sound 150A/380v three phase, backline 10x16A/220v single phase, rigging power and land lines on request.
INTERCOM: Clear-Com with interconnected walkie-talkies. Two line system.
DRESSING ROOMS: 4 rooms with shower/toilet near stage, one star/VIP room, 3 large orchestra wardrobes.
PRODUCTION OFFICE: Near stage on 4th floor, phone/fax-ext. on request. Two phone - lines: (+47) 23113135, (+47)23113144. Lines through switchboard. No direct line.
CATERING: Konserthuset Restaurantdrift. in house. Any own catering must be negotiated with OKRD, Bente Lindmoen Phone:41534634 or 47915501.
SPECIAL EFFECTS: Dry ice smoke no problem. Every other kind of smoke or pyro/flash needs a fireman to be present. Please advise at least one week in advance.
LOAD IN: From parking bay into elevator up to 4th level. Elevator measures 4x3x2,2m. Larger pieces must be carried upstairs by hand.
PARKING: Room for 3 long vehicles(semi’s, busses), 3 places for cars. Please advise arrival and try to come early, (before 7.00 am.)
GET IN: Weekdays 2.30 P.M., other days by agreement.
GENERAL: We need to have riders/technical specifications and needed rigging time as early as possible.
MERCHANDISING: Good facilities in the main entrance area, tables available.
QUESTIONS: Please don’t hesitate to call us.


CONSOLE: GrandMA Light, Series 2

STAGE: 22m wide at the downstage edge, 13m wide at the upstage edge, 13m deep, 12m height. Lights will normally hang from 7-9m.



- 18x Clay Paky Alphaspot 1500 HPE
- 18x Clay Paky A.Leda B-Eye K20
- 4x Clay Paky Alphaprofile 1500
- 4x VL 1000TS

Fixed Bridge position.
- 22x ADB DS205 13º-36 º Profile
- Par64 CP61
- Par64 CP61 Shortnose floor black
- Par64 CP61 Shortnose floor silver
- ADB 5kW Fresnell

AVAILABLE GELS: A wide selection of common LEE filters.

FOLLOWSPOTS: 2 x Juliat 2500w HMI1013B ARA (Clearcom available) No operators unless agreed upon ahead of show. Both followspots located in lighting control room, approx. 35m from stage, two

ATMOSPHERE: 1x MDG ATMe HAZER: 2x LOOK Solutions Unique 2 Use of haze, smoke, pyro or open flame, such as candels require a firemarshall on site. This has to be agreed upon at least one week ahead of show. Dryice or lowfog requires no extra personell. POWER: 150A - 400V three phase on stage left. (32A / 63A / 125A / Powerlock (Total 150A)


F.O.H. MIXER Digico SD 5 – 124 channels with/FX and output processing – 96 stage input

MONITOR MIX: Digico SD5 – 124 channels with/FX and output
processing – 96 stage input

STUDIO MIXER: Digico SD5 – 124 channels with/FX and output
processing – 96 stage input

P.A.FLYING: 9 x Meyer Sound Mica + 2 x Meyer 600 subs pr side.

FRONT FILL: 4 x Meyer sound UPM 1P.

INFILL: 4 x meyersound cq 1. 2 x 650 sub-bass

DELAY: 4 x Meyer sound UPA 1P.

CONTROLLER: Meyer sound galleleo 616

8 x EAW sm 400.C Audio amps
10 x EAW sm 200.C Audio amps

MIC’S: Shure, AKG, , MILAB.Microtec,sennheiser.Audix

RADIO MIC’S: 10 x Sony Digital handheld,with sm 58 or KSM 9 (5
each) OR 10 x Bodypack.with DPA

EFFECTS: Lexicon 960 effect processor (4 stereo machines)
TC 2290


All other equipment by agreement.