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Eddie Izzard - Force Majeure Reloaded


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Nearly three years after launching his epic circumnavigation of the globe, international celebrity Eddie Izzard - Comedian, Actor, Marathon Runner and Europhile is about to celebrate his unofficial comedy world record of performing in more than 28 countries (and in three languages) –from Moscow to the Hollywood Bowl – with sell out shows in London’s West End and 49 of the US states, Eddie heads back to Europe for a select and limited run of FORCE MAJEURE: RELOADED


“’ KING OF THE UNIVERSE’ ...Comic genius...Entertainment incarnate!’ 


FORCE MAJEURE is the most extensive comedy tour ever.
EDDIE IZZARD, the man who turned talking ‘Bollocks’ into an art form has performed and sold–out Madison Square Garden in New York and became the first stand-up to play a solo show at the Los Angeles’ legendary Hollywood Bowl. He has performed at many of the major arena’s across the world as well as undertaking several residencies in both France and Germany performing his shows STRIPPED and FORCE MAJEURE in French and German.

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