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Vivald, De Fire Årstidene

Chamber Orchestra of the New Philharmonic Hamburg

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Vivald, De Fire Årstidene

The New Philharmonic Orchestra of Hamburg was founded in 2001 by professional freelancing musicians from all over the world.
Since then, the orchestra has obtained a leading position in the music scene of North Germany. The orchestra is considered a
dynamic one, as it can perform both as a chamber orchestra and a symphonic orchestra with a choir. Despite this, the essence of the
orchester has remained the chamber orchestra, which has barely changed since its foundation.
Due to various guest appearances in Spain, France, Italy and South Korea the New Philharmonic Orchestra has attained popularity
outside of Germany. Tigran Mikaelyan is in charge of musical conductorship. We are happy to present this unique orchestra
to our scandinavian audience.

Antonio Vivaldi -The Four Seasons

Johann Sebastian Bach-Air from Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068
Joseph Haydn-Serenade for strings Op.3 No.5
Antonín Dvořák-Humoresque
Komitas-Armenian Miniatures
Johannes Brahms-Hungarian Dances

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